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Forecast for Flanders

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By Tijs De Geyndt

NV-A: At 28% they are by far the largest party; the traditional parties don’t even pass the 15% bracket anymore. This means that NV-A remains ‘incontournable’ (inescapable) to form a government. With the ambition to continue their so-called “socio-economic recovery policy” at the top of the agenda, it seems likely they will again partner up with centre-right open VLD and CD&V. A disappointment for the Greens who gained traction due to ‘their’ topic of climate change being high on the political agenda. After 15 years in opposition Groen is keen on making its return into government, but this is rather unlikely because their natural ally on the left, Sp.a, doesn’t convince, with polling at only 12%.  The extreme right is steadily gaining popularity at 9%, with migration being high on the agenda they can feed on feelings of insecurity with their hard-line position. PVDA on the other side of the spectrum is flirting with the 5%, in which case they would have a first elected member of Flemish parliament in history.

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