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Walloon side: PS plummets, greens win and decent results for CDH & MR

Long-serving PS leader Elio Di Rupo [Wikimedia]

Struck by several corruption scandals in the last few years, it was expected for PS to lose some ground. But nowhere near the 13% loss that first results indicate. This would mean that for the first time PS would be only the third biggest party on the Federal level and even the fourth one on the regional level.

There are remarkable differences between the results on the Federal level and the regional parliament. For the Federal parliament Ecolo becomes the biggest party, growing with almost 20% to 28,1%. MR on the other hand seems to limit their losses for joining a coalition with NV-A in the last government. CDH grows with 2,2 % to 15,4 %. The communists of PTB would not make the 5% threshold on the French speaking side. Which is in contradiction with what pollings had suggested the last months.

Looking at the Walloon parliament the cards have been shook differently. The liberals remain the biggest party at 25,2% (-1,5%), CDH and Ecolo score really well and are set to be second and third party at respectively 21% and 20%.

But these results are very partial, as results are coming in very slowly.

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