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European election, Belgian results: same same but different

Analyzing the EU elections on the European level is a very difficult task. The results are so fragmented and contradictory that it’s almost impossible to give one coherent explanation of what just happened or what to expect next. Looking at the Belgian results a similar diffuse image occurs: the reflection of communities swinging opposite sides.

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On the Flemish side the result is quite simple: the nationalists of NV-A lose a seat as do the liberals. Both lose their seat to the Far Right Vlaams Belang. Which becomes the biggest Flemish fraction in the European parliament together with NV-A with 3 seats each.

Meanwhile Groen can’t push forward, their aspiration to double there MEP’s by adding one extra seat did not eventuate. Meaning the end of a 20-year career span for Bart Staes, his seat is taken over by Petra De Sutter. The Christian-Democrats and Flemish socialists could not break with their losing streak, they lost respectively 5,5% and 3% of the votes. But they retained their current number of seats: 2 for CD&V and 1 for sp.a.

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On the French speaking side the traditional parties PS and MR both lose a seat in the European parliament. They’ll have 2 MEP’s instead of 3 from now on. Ecolo does what Groen couldn’t, they double their seats and will have 2 representatives. Another not so big surprise is the surge of PTB to 14,6% of the votes. Enabling them to send a communist representative for the first time in the party’s existence. CDH takes a loss of 2,5% remaining status quo at 1 MEP.

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