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Federal elections

Forecast for Brussels

By Tijs De Geyndt The forecast for the regional Brussels elections bring bad news for all parties that currently form a coalition. According to polling PS takes a loss of about 6% in comparison to…

Forecast for Wallonia

By Tijs De Geyndt After several fraud and corruption scandals the once almighty PS is still licking its wounds. Yet at an estimated 24,7% (-7,3%) they still remain the biggest party of Wallonia. The ‘green…

Forecast for Flanders

By Tijs De Geyndt NV-A: At 28% they are by far the largest party; the traditional parties don’t even pass the 15% bracket anymore. This means that NV-A remains ‘incontournable’ (inescapable) to form a government….

Forecast for the Federal Government

By Tijs De Geyndt On the Federal level the Dutch speaking parties and the French speaking parties have to reach a governmental agreement to form a majority coalition. The current government was formed by N-VA…